Thursday, November 26, 2015

FC's OPEN HOUSE : Officers of Accounts & Finance Department can meet FC between 13:30-14:00 Hrs. on any weekdays. Prior appointment may be obtained from PPS to FC. Officers are also requested to confirm availability of FC from PPS [Tel. 030-44702(Rly), 011-23382754(DOT)] before starting their journey.

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Transfers And Postings

Date Order Number Officer From To
2015-11-24E(O)III-2015/PM/772005 batch JAG orderssee ordersee order
2015-11-17E(O)III-2015/TR/368Nivedita Swain & MK GargSee OrdersSee Orders
2015-11-17E(O)III-2015/TR/416B N MohapatraERECoR
2015-11-17E(O)III-2015/TR/414S Krishnamoorthy & Otherssee orderssee orders
2015-11-12ERB-I/2013/2/65P K SinhaDeputationRB
2015-11-05E(O)III-2015/TR/400A K Prasad & B C Meenasee ordersee order
2015-11-05ERB-I/2015/2/62Rabindra Nath MishraECRRB
2015-11-03ERB-I/2015/2/61B Choradia & P Sureshsee ordersee order
2015-10-29ERB-I/2015/2/63K B NandaNRRB
2015-10-21ERB-I/2013/2/40Manoj Kumar DubeyRBRB
2015-10-21E(O)III-2015/TR/386Om PrakashWRCR
2015-10-09ERB-I/2013/2/21Amitesh Kumar SinhaRBRB
2015-10-08ERB-I/2015/2/60B B VermaNRRB
2015-10-08E(O)III-2015/TR/375B N MohapatraRBER
2015-09-30E(O)III-2015/PM/08SAG Promotion orderSee OrderSee Order
2015-09-29ERB-I/2013/2/40Manoj Kumar DubeyRBRB
2015-08-17E(O)III-2015/TR/320B PANDEY & V C RAOsee ordersee order
2015-08-11ERB-I/2014/2/23T AHMED & S LAVANIAsee ordersee order
2015-08-07E(O)III-2015/TR/312V KUMAR & M K MOHANTIsee ordersee order
2015-08-06E(O)III-2015/TR/308Ms S ARUL & Ms A GARGsee ordersee order
2015-08-06E(O)III-2015/TR/302K S ASLADeputationWCR
2015-08-06E(O)III-2015/PM/10NFSAG orderssee ordersee order
2015-07-08E(O)III-2015/PM/08Sh O P YadavRCF/KXHRCF/RBL
2015-07-08E(O)III-2014/TR/403Sh A K LALDeputationNR
2015-07-07E(O)III-2015/TR/262Dr Amit Goyal & othsee ordersee order
2015-06-26ERB-I/2015/2/35Dhruv SinghRCF/RBLRB
2015-06-05E(O)III-2015/TR/219SAG Orderssee ordersee order
2015-05-22ERB-I/2015/2/17NIRAJ KUMARECRRB
2015-04-27E(O)III-2015/TR/125VED PRAKASH & OTHRSsee ordersee order
2015-04-08E(O)III-2015/TR/138K B Vaiphei & Othsee ordersee order
2015-03-31E(O)III-2015/PM/14HAG ORDERSsee ordersee order
2015-03-26E(O)III-2014/TR/401JAG orderssee orderssee orders
2015-02-18E(O)III-2015/TR/69/AMs ANJALI GOYALDeputationDRM/JAIPUR
2015-02-11E(O)III-2015/TR/59Randhir Sahay & Othsee ordersee order
2015-01-28E(O)III-2014/TR/359K Vinayak Rao & othsee ordersee order
2015-01-23ERB-I/2015/2/7Sh S SubramanyanRWFRB
2015-01-16E(O)III-2015/PM/09SG Orderssee ordersee order
2015-01-16E(O)III-2015/PM/10NFSAG orderssee ordersee order
2015-01-16E(O)III-2015/TR/22Sh Dipankar Lahiri & Othrsee ordersee order
2015-01-15E(O)III-2015/PM/08SAG 1992see ordersee order
2014-12-31E(O)III-2015/PM/26HAG ORDERSsee ordersee order
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Shri Sanjoy Mookerjee
Financial Commissioner (Railways)