Thursday, March 5, 2015

Heartiest congratulations to officers of IRAS-1992 batch for their promotion to SAG!

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Transfers And Postings

Date Order Number Officer From To
2015-02-18E(O)III-2015/TR/69/AMs ANJALI GOYALDeputationDRM/JAIPUR
2015-02-11E(O)III-2015/TR/59Randhir Sahay & Othsee ordersee order
2015-01-28E(O)III-2014/TR/359K Vinayak Rao & othsee ordersee order
2015-01-23ERB-I/2015/2/7Sh S SubramanyanRWFRB
2015-01-16E(O)III-2015/PM/10NFSAG orderssee ordersee order
2015-01-16E(O)III-2015/PM/09SG Orderssee ordersee order
2015-01-16E(O)III-2015/TR/22Sh Dipankar Lahiri & Othrsee ordersee order
2015-01-15E(O)III-2015/PM/08SAG 1992see ordersee order
2014-12-31E(O)III-2015/PM/26HAG ORDERSsee ordersee order
Smt. Rajalakshmi Ravikumar
Financial Commissioner/Railways