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Issue Date Order Number Organization Salary Grade Age
2016-10-25VC458/2016RCTRs 75500-80000see notice
2016-01-07VC07/2016NTROsee detailssee details
2016-01-05VC03/2016LMRCParent pay + Deput.<50Yrs
2016-01-05VC04/2016RVNLParent pay + Deput.<56Yrs
2016-01-01VC01/2016RLDARS.24050-650-26000/- (PRSN/A
2015-12-21VC532/2015DGDAsee detailssee details
2015-12-15VC521/2015IRCONParent pay + Deput.see details
2015-12-09VC513/2015RVNLParent pay + Deput.<56Yrs
2015-08-04VN 322/2015IRFC80000-125000see notice
2015-06-01VN NO 206/2015RCILParent pay + Deput.<55Yrs
2015-05-28VN NO 196/2015IRCONParent pay + Deput.<55Yrs VN
2015-03-26see noticeIISC Bangalore37400-67000, GP10000<55Yrs
2015-03-16VN NO 119/2015RVNLParent pay + Deput.<56Yrs
2015-03-13see VNCSB Banguluru37400-67000, GP10000see vn
2015-03-09VN NO 99/2015RVNLCadre pay + Deput.<56Yrs
2015-01-27VC 07/2015RCTRs75500 to Rs80000see vn
2015-01-15VC 32/2015CRIS15600-39100, GP6600see vn
2015-01-05VC 10/2015RVNLParent pay + Deput.<56Yrs
2015-01-05VC 09/2015IRCONCadre pay + Deput.see vn
2015-01-05VC 09/2015(R)KMRCParent pay + Deput.see vn
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Shri B N Mohapatra
Financial Commissioner(Railways)